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40 Ways To Get Closer To God

40 Ways To Get Closer To God

So, I treated myself to this book for no reason other than it was cheap and I wanted to make my shopping basket up to £40 to get a £7 discount.

It’s a cute, compact paperback and contains 40 days’ worth of Bible-based and practical challenges designed to help the reader ‘do what it says on the tin’. At nearly 200 pages long it looks in-depth enough to get your teeth stuck into, without becoming a weighty tome.

Why I’ve decided to blog about this book, I’m not sure. Whether I’ll be able to maintain the routine and keep up-to-date with reading the book (yet alone blogging it) is highly questionable. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So here goes, on this Christmas Eve Eve. Will the book help me to draw closer to God? I hope so, as that is why I chose it, after all. Will it contain anything new? As a seasoned Christian of nearly 40 years, I doubt it. But God’s love and mercies are new every morning  and anything I can do to experience more of God’s closeness in my life will only be a good thing. And who knows, maybe someone will stumble across this and find it gives them hope and encouragement to get to know our God.